Parlour Games (October 2022) has been cast. Actors are hard at work with the creative team. Click here

for details about and tickets to the show.

!!!AUDITION NOTICE!!!! Did you miss this opportunity first time around? Because of some pandemic-induced rescheduling, Stage 88 is holding another round of auditions for Parlour Games by Martin Smith – for October 2022 performances!!

> Email for an audition appointment.

Auditions to be held April 19th from 7-9 pm at Bellview Community Centre at 55 Tom Street in Brantford.

Audition notice for Parlour Games

THE STORY: A night of charades is comically derailed as secrets unfold at a farcical pace with Stage 88’s production of Martin Smith’s “Parlour Games”. 

Roles to be cast:

Rhonda – 28-45 – sharp minded, sharp witted – laid back attitude

Hannah – 28-45 – a meticulous planner

Millicent – 28-45 – reserved and thoughtful

Pieter – 28-45- gregarious and cavalier

Bexley – 28-45 – playful and extroverted

Lori – 28-45 – Quiet and melancholic